What To Expect At A Visit To Peterborough?

If you are thinking as to what Peterborough has to offer a tourist, then you are not the only person to think so. I too was very skeptical when I was told by my family members that they wanted to visit Peterborough in Canada for the summer vacation. Well, after my visit to this wonderful city that lies between Toronto and Ottawa, my suggestion is that you should at least spend a week touring Peterborough to enjoy it.

  • Canadian Canoe Museum

Get to explore and know more about Canadian history by visiting the Canadian Canoe Museum. It is a place that should not be missed by every water sports fan. I got to see a wide variety of canoes from the old ones to the most modern ones used in the Olympic Games. The visit to the canoe museum st8ill remains etched in my memory as I had not seen anything like this before.

  • Petroglyphs Provincial Park

Never miss to check out this wonderful park on your visit to Peterborough. There are over 1000 rock carvings that you will find here and most of them are over 100 years old. Apart from these rocks, it is also a great place to relax, view wildlife and to hike or walk.

  • Peterborough Lift Lock

This lift lock speaks volumes about the rich engineering heritage of Canada. It is the highest hydraulic lift in the world and was opened in 1904. I got to the top of the lock and the view that I saw from there was unbelievable. There is also a sightseeing cruise on offer where you get to know more about the history of the lift lock.

  • Riverview Park & Zoo

This is a popular attraction for both adults and kids where you get to meet over 45 different animal species.  Apart from the zoo, the park offers plenty of recreational activities for the family like a train ride, a Frisbee golf course, and a splash pad.