Things to do in Jaco 

Image result for jaco cityJaco is a small coastal town that is just an hour’s drive from San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. If you are an adventure freak like me, then Jaco is the place you should never miss. This town boasts of unspoiled beaches, great surf spots, and beautiful jungles.

  • Surfing

I recommend surfing as the top thing to do when you get to Jaco. The Jaco beaches offer long and consistent waves and are an ideal place to be for all the novice surfers. There are also surf classes and lessons on offer at these beaches. Madrigal is the best spot to learn surfing for beginners. I also did make a try here.

  • Sports Fishing

If you are an ardent fan of fishing in the deep waters, then sportfishing rides to the clear oceans is a must-try. Many operators offer you the fishing service with quality boat rides, great fishing gear and equipment also train you to fish. They offer both inshore and offshore fishing trips.

  • Tarcoles

This is the home for the crocodiles. I loved the time I spent here as I got to see the crocodile shows. Some of the popular species of big lizards and birds like American crocodile, Mangrove Warbler, Tiger Heron, Kingfisher, plenty of iguana varieties and basilisk are spotted here.