Spend Some Time In Choluteca And You Will Fall In Love

Choluteca is the fifth largest city in Honduran and from the tourism point of view; there are not many places to visit in the city. But, when you start exploring the place, you will find multiple options where you can do and enjoy. The city is situated in the south part of Honduras between Nicaragua and El Salvador. The city has many historical sites and architect that are impressive.

Central Park

The central park of Choluteca is one of the best city’s major attractions. The park has been built during the colonial era and thus you can see the architect of that time in the park while walking. You can come here with family to have some fun time. The park has two historical buildings Cathedral and Casa Valle.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

This is a church present inside the central park and this church also belongs to the colonial time period. The church has a simple architect, but it has an elegant look. The ceiling has wooden beams and clay tiles. The cathedral remains open during the daytime for prayer and to witness its beauty.

Isla Del Tigre

During summers the maximum temperature of the city remains around 40 degrees. Beach is the best place to cool and Choluteca is full of beaches. Isla Del Tigre is one the best beach among many, it is also known by the name Amapala. The beach is great and you will really have a fun time here. Many other beaches are present at a distance of a short ride.


Choluteca has mountains as well and some of the mountains have huge importance, many of the mountains had silver and thus it has been mined.  The mountains have a height here and you can have a wonderful view of the city from the top some of the mountains.