Essen – A Splendid Urban City With Architectural Marvel

Essen is the ninth largest city in Germany. It is a city that has the right mix of ancient buildings and the modern towers and skyscrapers. This is a city where there is a perfect amalgamation of history and modern culture. I was taken aback by the sights and sounds that Essen offered me on my visit. I like to share some of the details with you.

  • Museum Folkwang

This is the museum where the 19th and the 20h century paintings are displayed. There are over 350,000 posters and numerous collections of photo images, drawings, and prints. It will be a treat for all art lovers and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent at the museum.

  • Gruga Park and the Botanic Garden

If you want to enjoy some tranquility and natural beauty, then visit this park at the heart of Essen. The garden has over a hundred different plants and flowers and was started as a scientific planting experiment in 1927. Some of the other attractions in this park and garden are a rose garden with an attractive white lily pond, medieval type herbal garden, Ronald McDonald house, and a Mediterranean greenhouse.

  • Aalto Theater

I was taken aback by the sight of this theater. It had a curved architecture and one that I have not seen so far in my life. This theater was the brainchild of a Finnish architect Alvar Aalto and he came up with this idea in 1959. It was built only 30 years later and he was not there to see his idea turn into a reality. The theatre boasts of a 1750 square meter stage area where there are a big stage and two smaller ones.

  • The Old Synagogue

It is a Jewish cultural site that is a place of worship and also is a memorial site. It survived the World War II. There are exhibits of the pre-war and the war years. There is a wide range of programs that take place here from concerts to readings and theatrical performances.