Don’t Miss These Things In Bangor

My trip to Bangor was excellent, and so I thought to share my experience with you, so that, you could also make your trip stunning. The city was once the timber hub and a towering statue of folkloric lumberjack ‘Paul Bunyan’ give the reflection of this fact.  From north to south and from east to west and central part of this city have many things that will make your trip to the place spectacular. Some of the spots I liked most in Bangor are the Maine Discovery Museum. The museum has the collection of nature, arts and science and the geared to kids. The University Of Maine Museum Of Art has an excellent selection of art both of traditional and contemporary works. The north end of the Bangor City has Forest, which is crossed by trails and it is also the habitat of wildlife like deer and beaver.

The other places to visit in Bangor

This national park has many things to please you from the river, mountain, terrains of the forest, rocky beaches. You can enjoy many recreational activities here, both individually as well in a group. Many groups of restaurants are present here to feed mouth-watering food. I came here alone but found good company soon.

  • Stephen King House

If you are the fan of King, then you must visit the site. And if you are not his diehard fan, then also visit the site to see this beautiful old house.

  • Maine Discovery Museum

You must have visited many museums, but this is not the usual one. This is the biggest children’s museum in Maine, and it establishes two-way communication. Children in addition to learning new things can also explore trying various activities here. My child heart and mind examined many things here.

The other best sites of this place are Bangor historical society, waterfront, Maine forest, and logging museum, Cole land transportation medium.