Come Experience The Vibrance In Sao Paulo

Visiting Sao PaoloThough it may be regarded as a business city, Sao Paulo has few interesting places to visit and artistic installations. I stayed at Pinheiros; having a hip neighborhood in Brazil or rather one may prefer to say in Brooklyn. I had some friends who took me around the city. It was Carnival time and so I had the opportunity to witness them.

Places to visit

Each neighborhood or university in the city of São Paulo had their own Carnival Bloco. We went to The Municipal market of the city. It was a vibrant place full of Brazilian produce and a perfect place to taste Brazilian food. From there we went to the Santa Teresa Quarter, which had walls covered with Graffiti and the themes featured were psychedelic. It was close to many bars and restaurants. 

Being third or fourth most populated city in the world, I then went for a stay at a Hostel, named We Design, a mansion that had been renovated. In the morning the breakfast buffet had bacon, eggs and fresh juices.

From there, we went to Chinatown in Liberdade, which seemed to be paradoxical. The fusion of Chinese and Brazilian culture was very intriguing. Even that place was full of snack bars and restaurants and it further led to Liberdade street market. We had an opportunity to visit the beautiful Sao Paulo Cathedral and Banco central which was a five minute walk from the Cathedral. It had an interesting theme on its façade and furniture hanged on its walls.

I had a chance to visit the Temple of Solomon. We stopped at Pitico for a fresh juice break. Finally, during sunset we headed to the infamous Beco De Batman street art epicenter. After the charming view, we also visited Roosevelt Square and then returned back.