Come Brighten Your Summer In Tarija

I had an opportunity to visit this beautiful city, Tarija –one of the biggest cities and the capital of Bolivia. The climate of the place is stable throughout the year as compared to the extreme chill at La Pazand and the Amazon Basin contributes to the humidity. I was in Los Parrales Hotel.

Places to visit

I visited the La Vieja Bodega in the Concepcion valley, which was a little boutique winery, situated in the region’s oldest building. It took me about half an hour in there as the hotel arranged a taxi for me.  I went to Cafe Mokka that offered fantastic coffee at a reasonable value. From there, I went to Casa Dorada, whose construction began in 1887 for Moises and Esperanza. After falling into disarray, it was again renovated in 1980s.The ground floor has an art gallery and concert hall. Then I went to the Plazuela Sucre or Sucre Square, located three blocks away from the main square.  It’s a lovely place to walk and seat, surrounded by plants, trees, and coffee and pizza shops.

On my way to La Paz, I was drawn to the amazing view of stone giant – Mount Illimani. Its splendor and broad sweep of the red brick houses clinging to the cliff and canyon were impressive. Then I went to Parque La Costanera, a nice park to walk and spend time with nature. It is situated next to river Guadalquivir. The ferro-bus, a bus on rails makes moving around the city easy and cozy. The city is full of vibrant and unexpected bars and clubs. Pan American Hotel is a business friendly hotel situated in the city center. Then I went to Sagarnaga Street, which is said to be the city’s main tourist strip. It is a market street with artesano and souvenir stores.

It is recommended to stay for at least a week here while on your trip.